UIP limited has set a mark in this field; continually helping Kenyans rediscover a dream that is as old as Kenya itself;
Love of the land, and the dream of owning property.

Konza South Estate Phase 4

KSH. 319000

It is never fun when spending money to invest in the property market. However, when you do, you want to be sure that you maximize your returns for every shilling spend. When we speak about investing at Konza along Mombasa road, we are talking about investing in a place that gives you value for your money.


Easily accessible. Located 6 km off Mombasa Road

Ready for settlement with developed neighborhoods.

High returns on investment due to its proximity to the proposed Konza Techno city.

Water and electricity on site.
Ideal location for a home away from the buzz associated with Nairobi city.
Located 100M from Konza-Isinya. Bypass.

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