UIP limited has set a mark in this field; continually helping Kenyans rediscover a dream that is as old as Kenya itself;
Love of the land, and the dream of owning property.

Breeze Gardens Malindi

KSH. 150000

Properties on prime locations are everyone’s favourite, but also those in the outskirts of major cities are also good choice for investment. The bush you see today will be a city tomorrow for where lies a city today was a bush a few years ago. We not only strive to making land ownership available and affordable to you we also analyze the market condition as well as the possibilities for growth. Grab a piece of this amazing project with Christmas offer of Ksh.130,000.

Product Detailed Product Information
Location Located along tarmacked Sabaki - Marikebuni- Majengo- Marafa Road.
Distance from main road Touching the Tarmac Road hence easily accessible
Distance from nearest town Approximately 3km from Marafa Town
Suitable for minors Assume investing for your 5 year old child, what will be the value of the land when they turn 20?
Electricity Piped Water and Electrity on site
Size 100 by 100 { 1/4 acres}
Land use Ideal for farming, commercial use, future residential and speculation Purposes
Deposit Book your plot with a deposit of Ksh.50,000 followed by 10 monthly installments of Ksh.10,000 each.
NOTE The price is inclusive of a flight ticket from Nairobi to Malindi, legal fees, stamp duty, processing of transfers and registration of title deed in your name.

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