How was the #jipemradi project was conceived?

As an investor, once you have identified property for sale and invested, the expectation is to start gaining immediately.
UIP Limited saw this and introduced #JIPEMRADI Project. The project is an investment opportunity where an investor buys a plot(s) and gets goats to rear. The plots are in Oletepesi. #Jipemradi seeks to give immediate benefits even as you invest in land for future development.
Oletepesi is a fast upcoming town with many new developments. Many people show interest of investing in oletepesi but get discouraged upon learning it may take time for developments to be fully realized. This is where #jipemradi project sets and now Oletepesi area is ideal for anyone looking for property on sale to invest.

Why Goats?
1. Fast breeding, high return value due to faster reproduction.
2. It is easy to start the project. Relatively little initial capital.
3. Less sustainability effort. Serene View Oletepesi has Natural feeds that Goats can pasture on.

Benefits of rearing goats
1. Source of food (meat) -Treat yourself, family or friends with a delicacy of goat meat.
2. Source of income – goats can be sold whole or meat. The skin and hide are sold too.
4. Ssource of Organic manure rich in potassium and nitrogen.

Nutritive value of goat meat
Apart from its good flavor, goat meat is low in fat. In fact, it has lower fat content than meat from other animals.

Implementation of the #jipemradi project
#JIPEMRADI will be implemented in Serene View Phase III. This is property for sale located in the outskirts of oletepesi town, along the Kajiado – Suswa bypass. Upon purchase of a plot(s), the investor is given one goat per plot to rear and breed. UIP Limited will provide feeds, shelter and herdsman for a period of two years at no extra cost to the investor. After this period, the investors can continue with the project on their own.

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