Magadi road, the upcoming investment hub for real estate investors!

John is an elderly man in his late forties and he regrets not buying land in Utawala when it was going at a throwaway price ten years ago. He remembers how sellers along Eastern Bypass were struggling to find a buyer just five years ago but he listened to detractors and hesitated to make an investment. If John had used the UIP Mantra “Invest and Wait, don’t Wait to Invest”, he would be smiling his way to the bank.

Don’t be like John.

There is always a “next big thing” and UIP LTD is giving you a chance to avoid ruing missed opportunities.

Our Oletepesi property is a frontier investment opportunity with unlimited potential. It doesn’t matter whether you are a speculator, a developer or you just want to become a home owner as any class of these investors can run away with a bargain for their money, due to, and not limited to, the following reasons;
UIP Property projects are located off Magadi Road strategically touching the proposed Kajiado – Oletepesi – Suswa bypass.
Our properties are located in a serene and comfortable environment appropriate for raising a family and balancing the hyperactivity of the CBD and the smooth unwinding aura of Kajiado County
Developers can take advantage of low development and construction costs in the area and prime themselves to the incoming price-sensitive generation Y consumers as 1990’s kids enter into their 30’s.
Speculators know too well that land is a limited commodity and the influx of young Kenyans with new money will only stretch demand and push prices through the roof, and our properties are perfect for this speculation.
The place has all amenities; a strong community policing in collaboration with provincial administration and national police, world class academic institutions and paved inroads that ease connectivity.
Lastly, the land will not wait for you.

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