UIP limited has set a mark in this field; continually helping Kenyans rediscover a dream that is as old as Kenya itself;
Love of the land, and the dream of owning property.

Serene View Phase III

KSH. 85000

Serene View phase III features a one of its kind project that enables anybody to acquire land affordably and conveniently. Serene View Phase III is tucked in the suburbs of Oletepesi, 15km from Tinga town and 2 km from the proposed Kajiado-Suswa Bypass.

We focus on enabling everyone to own land and grow their Investment value over time. Oletepesi is a rapidly growing area as a result of the new upcoming developments. Currently it is the Sub County Headquarters.
For just Kshs. 85,000/= make yourself proud owner of a 50×100 plot, inclusive of title deed. It’s a worth Investment for you to take up now than later.
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Product Detailed Product Information
Location Serene View off Magadi Road
Distance from main road Approx.15km off Magadi Road
Distance from nearest town Approx.15km from Oletepesi/Tinga Town
Topography Plain land with black cotton soil good for farming
Amenities in the area The Property has many infrastructural services including schools, shopping facilities, religious centers among others are situated within Oletepesi/Tinga area, Headquarters for Kajiado West Sub-county offices.
Electricity Main electricity line is not far for future connections
Water Reliable supply of water is not connected to the property; However, water can be from boreholes when sunk
Community in the area The neighborhood has scarce settlements. The area is slowly becoming residential due to its close proximity to Tinga town and Magadi Road and its good climatic settings.
Nature of the product Very fertile flat land held by Freehold Interest.
Land use Commercial Farming, Cattle Keeping and speculation Purposes
Future developments plans The Proposed Kajiado-Suswa By-Pass Road already earmarked for development

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