Thinking about investing in Land?

Now the earth is where we are all in common, however the form that we exist matters alot. It’s in itself a greatest sense of achievement and prestige when you own a part of it and call it yours.
It is a fact that owning property especially land comes with its fair share of benefits. It could be the high resale returns, prestige of owning some part of the earth or even the satisfaction of just having a place you can call “my home”. This has made land to be one of the assets that everybody wants and has eventually made the property market booming.
On the other hand the issue of genuine land has come up and we cannot ignore. You’re likely to see a lot of land of sale in Kenya posters everywhere you go. You need to carry out an assessment on the real estate investment you are going to make.

So which questions should you ask yourself before deciding on buying “That Land For Sale” in Kenya?
1. How is the property accessed?
* Are there roads that can access the land?
* Are they in good condition?
You don’t want to buy land which you’ll have difficulty in accessing.

2. Are Utilities available to the property?
* Does the land has access to clean water, electricity?
These are essentials for any settlement .

3. Has the property been surveyed, and are boundary beacons marked?
This should be clear and well documented so as to prevent any land issues with your neighbours.
You need to know the boundaries of the land you are purchasing.

4. Are there legal title deeds?
* You should not buy any land in Kenya if there are no titles for it.
* Make sure the Title deed is legit and verified from the ministry of lands. you can do a search from the lands registry to confirm this.
You don’t want to be a victim of fraud.

5. If I had to resell this property, is it desirable to other potential buyers?
* This is important especially if you are buying land for sale in Kenya.
* Land is always appreciating and should be desirable to potential buyers when reselling.

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